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Mankeel Silver Wings

   Designed by studio F.A. Porsche

Peak Power

Pneumatic Tires

Max Range 

Max Load

Max Gradeability

Light Weight

High quality of both inside and outside

The scooter appearance of this model is designed by the Porsche team, with smooth and beautiful appearance lines, which fully utilizes Porsche's smooth and elegant vehicle design principles. And width fully hidden scooter body, for better anti-theft and damage prevention.

The overall weight of the scooter is only 14KG, but such a light weight does not sacrifice any battery life performance at all. the actual test results approved the max range of this electric scooter is reach 35KM.

10-inch big pneumatic tires,
truly excellent shock absorption effect

The larger the tire size, the larger the friction area of the tire, and more complex roads it can cope with, that easy to ride on bumpy roads. Most of electric scooters specially designed for urban road riding are equipped with 8 or 8.5-inch tires, but we still chose the 10-inch tires. This is also the important consideration that we want to provide you a very light and comfortable ride sense of feeling.

APP operation supported

Intelligent dynamic, real-time data detection,
Various applications such as smart APP electric scooter anti-theft
settings are fully functional and easy to manage.

appico (1)

Vehicle status

appico (2)

Mileage display

appico (3)

Anti-theft settings

appico (5)

Battery status

appico (4)


Visual LCD exquisite interactive dashboard

High-precision craft that maximizes the sense of fashion and technology.
Real-time display, speed, power, mileage... are all at a glance.
Various functions can be operated by one button or by APP,
simple and easy to operate.

Body atmosphere light,
moving scenery

The cool LED chassis atmospheric light, the horse
racing effect, breathing effect, warning effect, etc.,
is full of fashion sense, making you instantly become
the focus of the crowd.
It also serves as a safety warning for the surrounding
people to notice that the electric scooter is coming.

35KM max range,
accompany you to further places

6 kinds intelligent protection and battery management
system technologies such as overcharge, over-discharge,
and over-voltage protection.
To provide high-speed power supply, high-efficiency direct
speed control, Long-distance endurance of up to 35 KM.

Notice: Different road conditions, the weight of the rider and the bad habit of
operating the scooter will all affect the battery life of the scooter.


The peak power of the motor up to 500W,
make it go faster and climb higher
Easily deal with uphill road conditions

Easy to fold, easy to carry

Unique original sleeve fully hidden folding design, fast folding in 3 seconds,
It only takes a few simple push and pull steps to complete the folding,
Carrying, storing or placing it in the trunk of the bike are sample and easy.

Humanized front
hook design

Hook bearing with 3-5KG

Arc-shaped big headlight

The light source is stronger and brighter,
Widescreen lamp surface make the light irradiation,
Range larger to see front road more clearly.
Convenient to ride even at night.

Exquisitely crafted
Every detail can stand the test

Mankeel Silver Wings allows you to ride
as light as if you have wings.

All of our craftsmanship is to present your an art-like but also
very practical electric scooter.
This is an electric scooter that is absolutely trustworthy and owned.
To help your travel save energy, reduce emissions and reduce
congestion, provide the extremely light and smooth riding sense in your way.

Specification Standard version Optional version
Rated Power 350W 350W
Peak Power 500W 500W
Voltage 36V 36V
Battery Capacity 9Ah 9Ah/7.8Ah
Max Range 35KM 30-35KM
Max Gradeability 18° 18°
Tires 10inch rubber pneumatic tire 10inch rubber pneumatic tire
Speed Control 15-20-25KM/H  15-20-25KM/H                                         Support unlock to 30KM/H
Brake System  Rear wheel disc brake with ABS safe braking system Rear wheel disc brake with ABS safe braking system
Max Load 120KG 120KG
Hook Bearing  3-5KG 3-5KG
Waterproof IP54 IP54
Charing Time 3-5Hours 3-5Hours
APP Function Standard Optional
N.W 14KG 14KG
G.W 18KG 18KG
Full size 1130*580*1135MM 1130*580*1135MM
Folded size 1130*580*500MM 1130*580*500MM
Package size 1200*240*560MM 1200*240*560MM


Silver Wings
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