Product Detail

Mankeel Pioneer
(Private model)


500W rated power
800W peak power


48V 10AH battery
(LG, Samsung battery optional)


Max range


10inch high elastic
honeycomb sold tires


Three-speed regulation


Double shock absorption system


20 °Gradeability


IP55 scooter body waterproof
IP68 battery controller waterproof

Large capacity battery
10Ah 48V battery for 40-45KM max range
worry-free of long way

Notice: Different road conditions, the weight of the rider and the bad habit of operating
the scooter will all affect the battery life of the scooter.

Removable fully sealed battery

Taking every detail seriously is our attitude.

The waterproof rate of the battery control is IP68, the unique high-standard design and craftsmanship in the industry,
the thread head adopts a fully sealed interface, and a hidden drain line is also designed at the bottom of
the battery slot, so there is no need to worry about changing the battery or getting it under other
circumstances that water accumulation in the battery compartment.

With two batteries, the max range can reach 60-80K, and the battery replacement is easy and convenient.


IP55 waterproof rate for the whole scooter body
IP68 waterproof rate for the battery controller

With this creative design of the highest waterproof rate for the battery controller,
Convenient for scooter body washing, also it’s for the battery high quality assurance and extended the battery service life of the scooter.


Large LED instrument panel,
easy to operate

The real-time data of scooter speed, power, gear, time,
APP connection, etc. are all clear and easy to operate.

10 inch solid honeycomb high elastic tires

The tire material is excellent high elastic rubber material with shock absorption honeycomb design, make your riding more stable, less bumps and no hand numbness feeling, even 5CM height obstacles can be passed easily and smoothly, and it can be easily deal with road conditions such as lightly crossing potholes and gravel roads without stopping.

APP intelligent operation

Intelligent dynamics and real-time data detection,
complete functions of the scooter are able to operate
via app. Such as scooter the anti-theft lock protection and battery management etc...
For this model. the original speed control is 15-20-25km/h,
but you can choice other different speed up to 40km/h by
unlock the speed limit through the app.

appico (1)

Vehicle status

appico (2)

Mileage display

appico (3)

Anti-theft settings

appico (5)

Battery status

appico (4)


Extremely excellent
climbing performance

800W peak power drive, up to 20°climbing ability

Dual brake system, Dual front brake handles

Front & Rear wheel deum brake and E-ABS anti-lock ststem
dual brake ststem to brake quick and steady
efficient braking to ensure your comfortable and safe riding.

Large LED instrument
panel, easy to operate

The real-time data of scooter speed,
power, gear, time, APP connection, etc.
are all clear and easy to operate.

Front wheel double shock absorption

The scooter adopts the front fork hydraulic double shock
absorption system, responsive and stable operation,
with a sturdy frame and 10-inch high-elastic
honeycomb tires, greatly improving the riding
comfort, even if the road is bumpy, it can be more
stable and smooth Ride.

Easy folding design

lt folds quickly, compact and convenient,
Storage and transportation do not take up space.

Every design and produce detail, materials, and craftsmanship standards of
this scooter are a work of conscience and highly quality. this electric scooter
is not only to solve the pain points of your last mile of travel, it can be used as
an ordinary short-distance commuting, outing choice, but also can drive farther
for outings or do errands.
There is no fear of insufficient battery capacity. A veritable pioneering and
innovative electric scooter to meet your different travel needs.


Rated Power: 500W

Peak Power: 800W

Max Range: 40-45KM

Max Laod: 120KG

Max Gradeability: 20°

N.W: ±23kg

G.W: ±27kg  

Battery: 48V 10AH  removable  lithium battery 

Three speed control: 15/20/25KM

Tires: 10" honeycomb tires

Waterproof Rate: IP55(whole scooter body)/ IP68(Battery Contraller)

Dual shock absorption system: Front fork double shock absorbers

Dual braking systems: Front & Rear drum brake E-ABS anti-lock system

Charging time: 4-6 Hours

Full size: 1250*533*1260mm

Folded size: 1210*533*558mm

Package size: 1250X240X668mm

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