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  • Precautions for the use of electric scooter tires in winter

    Precautions for the use of electric scooter tires in winter

    Tire is one of the important parts of electric scooters, and its maintenance is very important, especially now that it needs to pay attention to many things in winter. Below we have summarized some winter electric scooters tire maintenance and precautions for you. 1. Pay attention to the tire pressure at all times If you are using a pneumatic tire electric scooter such as the Mankeel Silver Wings, you need to pay attention to holding the correct tire pressure when riding it. Normally, the pressure standards of the front and rear wheels are not the same. It will be affected by the temperature accordingly, the air pressure of all tires should be checked at least once a month. It is best to check once every half a month in the winter and summer when the temperature changes greatly. Affected by thermal expansion and contraction, the tire pressure can be increased appropriately in winter (but it must also be within the specified range). 2. Try to avoid high-speed driving When driving at...
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  • Electric scooter start way: Push to go

    Electric scooter start way: Push to go

    When you receive a Mankeel new electric scooter, no matter which model it is, the starting method is push to go start by default. That is, you need to stand on the pedal with one foot after turning on, and the other foot needs to step on the ground and rub back to push the scooter forward. After the E-scooter pushes forward and both feet stand on the pedal, press the accelerator at this time. to accelerate normally. We also have specific push to go start way demonstration instructions in the user manual, which are as follows: This design is mainly for safety reasons, in order to avoid that the rider may accidentally touch the accelerator and the E-scooter rushes out without being prepared, that causing the rider to be injured or the E-scooter bumps on the ground. Our product APP also supports changing the starting mode of the electric scooter on the APP. The starting mode of the electric scooter can...
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  • Electric scooter trials: guidance for users in UK

    Electric scooter trials: guidance for users in UK

    Recently, some of our consumers from UK have asked whether electric scooters can legally ride on the road in the UK. Electric scooters, as a diversified kinetic energy riding tool that has emerged in recent years, can be used as a travel tool for entertainment. However, due to changes in people's travel needs, occasionally people will use electric scooters as commuting or other scenarios. Travel tool. Different countries and regions have different regulations for riding electric scooters on the road. We have always advocated that no matter where you use and ride electric scooters, you must comply with local traffic laws and ride safely. As a buyer who uses and rides electric scooters in the UK, you can check the relevant policies of your area for riding electric scooters on the road on the website of the Ministry of Transport of the UK government as follows: ...
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  • Battery safety tips

    Battery safety tips

    Generally speaking, a fully charged battery will consume its stored power after about 120-180 days of standby. In standby mode, low-power batteries should be charged every 30-60 days Please charge the battery after each driving. Full exhaustion of the battery will cause permanent damage to the battery as much as possible. There is a smart chip inside the battery to record the charge and discharge of the battery, because Damage caused by overcharging or undercharging is not covered by the warranty. ▲Warning Please do not try to disassemble the battery, otherwise there is a risk of fire, and users are not allowed to repair all parts of this product by themselves. ▲Warning Do not drive this scooter when the ambient temperature exceeds the operating temperature of the product, because low and high temperatures will cause the maximum power torque to be limited. Doing so may slip or fall, resulting in Personal injury becomes property damage. ...
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  • Battery maintenance

    Battery maintenance

    When storing the battery or charging, do not exceed the specified temperature limit (please refer to the model parameter table). Do not pierce the battery. Please refer to the laws and regulations on battery recycling and disposal in your area. A well-maintained battery can maintain a good operating condition even after a multi-mile driving. Please charge the battery after each driving. Avoid completely draining the battery. Often When used at a temperature of 22°C, the battery's endurance and performance are the best. However, when the temperature is lower than 0°C, the battery life and performance may decrease. Generally speaking, the endurance and performance of the same battery at -20°C is only half of that at 22°C. After the temperature rises, the battery life will be restored.
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  • Daily maintenance and repair

    Daily maintenance and repair

    Cleaning and storage Wipe the main frame clean with a soft damp cloth. If there are stains that are difficult to clean, apply toothpaste and repeatedly scrub with a toothbrush, and then clean it with a soft damp cloth. If the plastic parts of the body are scratched, they can be polished with fine sandpaper. Reminder Do not use alcohol, gasoline, kerosene or other corrosive and volatile solvents to clean your electric scooter. These substances may damage the appearance and internal structure of the scooter body. It is forbidden to use pressure force water gun or water pipe to spray and wash. ▲Warning Before cleaning, please make sure that the scooter is turned off, and the charging cable has been unplugged and the rubber cover of the charging port has been tightened, otherwise the electronic components may be damaged. When not in use, please store the scooter in a cool, dry place. Please do not store the scooter outdoors for a long time. S...
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