Electric scooter trials: guidance for users in UK


Recently, some of our consumers from UK have asked whether electric scooters can legally ride on the road in the UK. Electric scooters, as a diversified kinetic energy riding tool that has emerged in recent years, can be used as a travel tool for entertainment. However, due to changes in people's travel needs, occasionally people will use electric scooters as commuting or other scenarios. Travel tool. Different countries and regions have different regulations for riding electric scooters on the road. We have always advocated that no matter where you use and ride electric scooters, you must comply with local traffic laws and ride safely.

As a buyer who uses and rides electric scooters in the UK, you can check the relevant policies of your area for riding electric scooters on the road on the website of the Ministry of Transport of the UK government as follows:


Post time: Sep-02-2021

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