Electric scooter start way: Push to go


When you receive a Mankeel new electric scooter, no matter which model it is, the starting method is push to go start by default. That is, you need to stand on the pedal with one foot after turning on, and the other foot needs to step on the ground and rub back to push the scooter forward. After the E-scooter pushes forward and both feet stand on the pedal, press the accelerator at this time. to accelerate normally.

We also have specific push to go start way demonstration instructions in the user manual, which are as follows:

This design is mainly for safety reasons, in order to avoid that the rider may accidentally touch the accelerator and the E-scooter rushes out without being prepared, that causing the rider to be injured or the E-scooter bumps on the ground.

Our product APP also supports changing the starting mode of the electric scooter on the APP. The starting mode of the electric scooter can be changed from the factory default mode of push to go to 0-speed starting. 0-speed starting means that you do not need to use one foot on the ground to push the E-scooter forward, the scooter can be accelerated normally by press the accelerator directly. However, we suggest that riders need to be very familiar with the electric scooters, very skilled at riding an electric scooter and vigilant, it will be safer to choose the 0-speed starting method. In normal use, try to set the vehicle to coast to start.

However, we suggest that consumers should be very familiar with the electric scooters they buy, very skilled at riding an electric scooter and vigilant if choose the 0-speed starting method, it will be safer. In normal use, set the electric scooter to push to go start method will be better.

Post time: Oct-14-2021

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