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Mankeel Sea Scooter W6

Mankeel's new Sea Scooter W6 is a newly developed electric swimming floatboard, suitable for children aged 6-12.Specially designed for children's sports and health, teaching, and training, bringing your children an unprecedented swimming experience. Your child's best swimming partner.


30 minutes usage
time per full charge

1m/s per hour

Buoyancy 3.5kgf

low noise


Whole weight 2.6KG

Available in multiple color



One-piece full waterproof design

The whole machine is blow-molded in one piece, with a
waterproof rating of up to IP68, a waterproof silicone
edge device, and a powerful button to effectively
prevent water from entering the body, protect the
internal components, and make it more buoyant and safer.

Compact and lightweight, easy to handle, smooth and
smooth surface, consistent with the water surface, low
friction that can move forward smoothly in the water.

Streamlined appearance design

The magnetic panel pattern is made by in-mold
decoration technology (IMD),  it has anti-scratch
and anti-ultraviolet functions.

250W Motor

Safety lock

Multiple play methods,
multiple fun

A sports camera can be installed in the front to
capture every wonderful and interesting scene
when you are swimming in the water

To create more conditions and environments of swim for your children, this electric floating board will make your child fall in love with swimming, that give your child exercise and grow vigorously. At the same time, if adults also like swim, they can also use this electric floating board as their own swimming entertainment companion, and enjoy more family happy time with your children.

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Power: 250W

Duration: 30min

Output Voltage: 14.4V

Buoyancy: 3.5kgf/7.7 lbf

Thrust: 4kgf/8.8 lbf

Maximum Depth: 3m/10ft

Weight(including battery): 2.6kg/5.7 lbs

Maximum Speed: 1m/s,2.2mph

Battery Type: Detachable Lithium Battery

Battery Capacity: 6000mAh/86.4Wh

Charging Time: 2.5 hours

Battery Charger: Input 100V-240V;Output 16.8V 2A

Battery Weight: 900g/2 lbs

Working Temperature: 0-40°C/32-104°F

Dimension:  455*369*161mm/17.9*14.5*6.3 inch

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