Why can’t Mankeel’s electric scooter see any wires?

Today, when people pay more and more attention to energy and environmental protection, electric scooters, as a new product with the characteristics of travel transportation in recent years, are gradually shining brightly in people’s life. Electric scooters of different brands and appearances are gradually becoming popular appear in life.

The most common electric scooters on the market, such as Xiaomi and Razor, have a more classic appearance. We can clearly see that there are several exposed wires outside the body, as shown in the following the Xiaomi Pro2 AND Razor escooter’s figure:

electric-scooterelectric scooter 2

As a very innovative producer in the electric scooter industry, Mankeel boldly broke the rules and designed all of our new electric scooters into a fully hidden body, that no wires can be seen from the appearance. Makes the overall body look very clean and neat. Many of our customers have given clear feedback that they prefer this uncluttered style, as it shown below:


But the consideration of this change is not just for aesthetics look, but more importantly, it is also for practical performance use.

First of all, the outsourcing of wires is made of plastic, which will naturally age. Especially for products like electric scooters that need to be used outdoors frequently, the ageing of wires is faster.

Secondly, the exposed wires may hang or hooked on other objects such as branches or other small objects. The wires hidden in the body do not have the above-mentioned concerns.

We once received a request from a British customer, saying that one of her electric scooters of another brand was locked on the first floor of her residence, but the power cable and brake cable were cut. Through monitoring, it was found that someone wanted to stole her electric scooter, but found that the lock strap wouldn’t go away and instead cut the front wheel power wire and the brake wire. We never imagined this kind of situation, but the design of our fully concealed body also happens to solve this uncommon but very practical damage prevention function.

Of course, the innovation of neat E-scooter body is only one aspect of our overall innovation of electric scooters. Every innovation we improve and adjust is based on the convenience and practical needs of consumers. More high-quality and practical Innovative improvements will bring you more surprises.

Post time: Jan-10-2022

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