New look, new journey

As a brand new electric scooter under Shenzhen Menke Technology, Mankeel electric scooter, its three new consumer version model electric scooter Mankeel Silver Wings, Mankeel Steed and Mankeel Pioneer have undergone countless meticulous research and development, update, and debugging. Now it’s all officially on sales.

We have done a lot of laying work for this, including supporting service team, upgrading of factory production equipment, etc. in order to be in line with our new brand and the new brand with high quality and high performance as the product development direction, we have also updated our official website to start this new high-end brand upgrade journey with a new look.

Our first electric scooter, Mankeel Sliver Wings, developed by Mankeel, is a vehicle appearance designed by the Porsche team. At the same time, this electric skateboard has obtained a number of appearance patents at home and abroad. It has a light and smooth appearance of a scientific and technological vehicle. But at the same time, it did not reduce the endurance performance of the vehicle. Even if the net weight only weighs 14KG, its endurance can still reach 35KM per hour. The net weight of 14KG is already very practical in itself, making this car very light and easy to be carried by ordinary girls up and down the stairs.

The second electric scooter developed by Mankeel is a German safety standard electric scooter, from the body material to every detail of the vehicle, including the battery, pedals, front and rear lights, left and right turn signals, etc., all details are strict designed and produced in compliance with European and German safety standards. Safe riding has always been what we advocate, and we have always poured the concept of safety into our product development and production work. In addition, this electric scooter also adds a lot of user-friendly design, such as the front pole has a USB charging port to charge the phone, so as not to solve your top priorities when the phone runs out when you are riding outdoors, the front pole hook You can hang items weighing 3-5KG, free your hands and let you ride with peace of mind.

High quality, high performance, practicality and aesthetics are our product design and development concepts, and other new electric scooters in the follow-up continue these concepts only in order to bring satisfactory products and services to our partners and end consumers.

We sincerely welcome your cooperation and on-site visits. We believe that the new Mankeel will give you more new surprises.

Post time: Jun-28-2021

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