Mankeel Steed VS Xiaomi M365 Pro2 comparison

In the emerging industry of electric scooters in recent years, Xiaomi electric scooters are undoubtedly the industry's starter and the most well-known brand on the market, but many other manufacturers have also followed up and made more improvements of the electric scooter products. That people have more and more purchase choices for electric scooters. So now, Take our Mankeel Steed as an example, and made a comparison with the Xiaomi Pro2 at the similar price.

What are the specific differences between the two E-scooters with the similar range of retail price? We have done detailed and Repeated and cross-tested tests on all aspects of the two cars, especially for the actual performance tests, such as max climbing, brake sensitivity and max speed, etc.

The basic parameters of Mankeel Steed as below:

Price: $499/pcs

Motor rated power: 350W

Battery: 7.8Ah (steed configuration in the video) 10.4Ah (optional configuration)

Gradeability: 15°

Tire: 8.5 inch high elastic solid tire

Shock absorption device: front fork damping + rear double spring damping

Brake device: front electronic brake + rear mechanical brake

Speed control: 15-25-30KM/H

The basic parameters of Xiaomi M365 Pro2 are as follows

Price: 499-699/pcs

Rated power: 300W

Tire: 8.5 inch pneumatic tire

Brake device: front and rear ABS double brakes

Speed: 15-20-25KM/H

Check the video below to watch specific comparison details, hoping to give you a true and objective reference for purchasing different electric scooters.

Post time: Nov-24-2021

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