Mankeel Pioneer- evolution of predecessor and improvement

Evolution in all areas

Just a few weeks ago we reported about the Mankeel electric scooter Silver Wings, this brand already knew how to impress us. they has given us another electric scooter called Pioneer. It is clear what the manufacturer has set itself as a goal for the second generation of the electric scooter: to improve the scooter in all areas.


From the visual point of view, it is immediately noticeable that this is a new, independent model. The Pioneer design is a continuation of Silver Wings’ hidden body, with no wires on the outside. making it clean and neat. This is a testament to its superb manufacturing craftsmanship.

The positioning of the e-scooter is surprising. Although it is mainly suitable for riding on smooth urban roads, it can also be ridden on some light off-road roads due to its strong body construction and 10-inch solid off-road tires. It’s versatile, performance and practical. I really love it.

IP68 fully sealed removable battery


Mankeel Pioneer has a latest detachable 10 Ah/48V lithium-ion battery is one of the most useful features. It offers several benefits.

The first benefit is that it makes long commutes easier. While 45km range with one battery is excellent, it can be easily extended if you invest in a spare one. If you know you have more than 45km ahead of you, simply charge and pack a spare to make your scooter go further. It’s can be easily removed from the vehicle for charging at the house socket. While other scooters build their power supply into the scooter, forcing you to lug your scooter around your home or public area searching for an area to charge it, the Pioneer’s battery is portable enough to be charged wherever is easy. This is a real top value for this scooter class!

At the same time, the waterproof grade adopts IP68 waterproof grade design, and there is no problem flood washed the scooter body.


Motor performance & riding experience

The hub motor of Pioneer is built into the rear wheels. The motor is rated at 500W and has a peak power of 800W. Our test show that an 80KG adult male can climb up steep slopes of up to 20° effortlessly. The acceleration start speed is very sensitive and fast, which is another big surprise compared to the average 799USD/unit electric scooter.

High-efficient dual drum brakes 


The Mankeel Pioneer has a rubber-covered deck that can accommodate larger riders up to 120kg and has a front and rear drum brake.

Another measured parameter of brakes is that when riding at the highest speed of 20km/h, the effective braking distance of both brakes is between 1 and 1.2m. This braking distance is very reasonable, and there is a buffer zone, which will not cause the rapid incline caused by huge inertia in the emergency brake. Also because the brakes are so sensitive, so the buffer is not too long. 

Comfortable riding with 10-inch off-road tires and front fork dual shock absorption

As previously mentioned, Pioneer is equipped with large 10-inch solid tires.

Usually, budget scooters have tires that sit around the 8.5-inch, so the bigger size of of 10inch of the Pioneer is the great sincerity configuration. Secondly, some scooter manufacturers try to cut manufacturing costs by installing pneumatic tires. If you’ve read any of my reviews before you’ll know I’m not the biggest fan of this tire type. While pneumatic tires provide good shock absorption, even then your ride can get bumpy when driving over rough surfaces. The Pioneer’s solid tires combined with robust dual-fork shocks, provide good cushioning for the ride. Thirdly, the slick tread pattern found on the Pioneer’s tires makes them ideal for a wide range of terrain conditions. 

In terms of speed and safety, Pioneer won’t go wrong


The electric scooter strikes the perfect balance that accommodates new riders whilst also offering a thrilling top speed of 25km/h. There are three riding modes to choose from:

Speed mode 1 – maximum speed of 15km/h and is ideal for younger riders or people getting to grips with riding for the first time.

Speed mode 2 – goes up to 25km/h and conserves battery life for extended mileage.

Speed mode 3- lets you rip the top speed of 25km/h and take advantage of the responsive acceleration.

At the same time, you can also choose to unlock the speed up to 40km/h through the APP, you don’t have to worry about falling short of your destination.

Tip: However, it is important to note that 40km/h means you need to pay more attention to safety precautions and local laws, otherwise it can cause you unnecessary problems.

APP dynamic intelligent operation

In addition to the excellent hardware performance, the third surprise for me is that this scooter is also equipped with APP operation function. All kinds of dynamic real-time data and operations can be completed on the mobile phone APP. Such as the total mileage of cycling, single mileage, turn on the headlights, unlock, fault detection. What’s more, you can change the speed, the mileage unit, the setting of the startup mode and so on, all of which can be operated and set on the APP. Very intelligent convenience and humanization.



We have done a lot of product tests on electric scooters. When Mankeel told us that the market price of this scooter was 799USD/unit, we did not have much expectation on the actual performance of this scooter, which is the price of electric scooters for urban riding. However, after testing, I found that the software and hardware are very reliable, far exceeding expectations. This price is really a very cost-effective range. As a new electric scooter brand that can make such a impressive electric scooter, I am very confident about their future.

—By Daniel Mark

Post time: Apr-15-2022

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