Mankeel electric surfboard W7 officially launched for summer sales season of 2022

As an innovative technology company, based on the accumulated experience in the electric scooter industry, we innovated and developed another electric floating board last year that brings more fun to people ---- Mankeel Electric Surfboard W7.

Mankeel W7 adopts a new integrated design, light and small appearance, smooth surface that consistent with the surface of the water, make it move smoothly in the water, also convenient to carry, the diving depth is up to 50m, allowing you fully enjoy diverse underwater scenery. Free to cruise in the water world even if you are not a good swimmer.

The long battery life after each full charge is up to 60 minutes, and the fully waterproof IP68 removable battery design is also convenient for replacing the battery or recharging it.

Click on the video below to watch more W7 water amusement moments

This video is an underwater test video feedback by one of our Russian customer. Our customer also made a little innovation based on the original color and dyed the floating board into a very cool water stripe color. if you have other appearance color designs, we, as a professional factory, can also do it for you.

The first batch of new products of this electric sliding board will soon be officially completed and will be released for sale, to preparing for the sale in the summer of next year of 2022. our current first batch production quantity is only 300 units. Welcome to contact us to place an order.

Post time: Nov-12-2021

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