Zeroride review Mankeel Silver Wings

The new MK006 review video is here again. This time it is the review video of French Youtube blogger ZERORIDE. Compared with the previous bloggers who reviewed our electric scooters, ZERORIDE’s video tends to focus on the practical performance aspects such as braking distance. , riding comforting rank test outside of flat ground and so on.

Welcome to click on the video below to watch directly

Similarly, as we mentioned in the last article of the US youtube blogger’s news, we will conduct affiliate marketing together with mankeel’s distributor partners, so in this video content you will see our brand name and another one of our distributor partners appeared together, and the website placed in the introduction below the video is also our distributor’s website instead of our own website. This is not because our brand name or product positioning has changed. Because we have sharing all the marketing resources to support and help our distributors to promote together. Integrity, win-win, customer first, will always be our constant purpose of cooperation.


Post time: Oct-26-2021

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