American Youtuber review Mankeel Silver Wings

A professional American electric scooter review youtuber, the channel ID Electric Vehicles recently tested and reviewed on our electric scooter Mankeel Silver Wings. The blogger’s Youtube channel was originally focused on off-road high-power kind electric scooters, but when he saw our unique Mankeel Silver Wings’ elegant and beautiful exterior design and outstanding performance, He immediately got interested in test of this model electric scooter. And after actually receiving and tested the electric scooter, he gave a lot of words of appreciation in very objective opinion.

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You may notice that there is an online purchase link in the video introduction below this video. This link is a link to our dealer’s online store. You can click in to see direct purchase. At the same time, we put a link to the purchase URL of our corresponding dealer in the video of the blogger who’s reviewed our electric scooter products. This is our unique marketing support term for the dealers or distributors partner who cooperate with us. Although we, as the original manufacturer, have our own marketing system, as long as we cooperate with distributors kind customer, we are also happy to give different support from different aspects, including KOL affiliate promotion. When the regional Internet celebrity bloggers do the evaluation, they will give our customers the opportunity of affiliate marketing, so that our customers can get more product exposure and sales. Because we hold the faith is that helping customers succeed is also our mission.


Of course, this is just one of the many support policies we offer to our customers. We have more other substantive sales preferential support policies, such as marketing and promotion costs for our customers, free gift spare parts, market protection, price protection, etc.

If you are interested in our products, or are interested in becoming our distributor partners, Welcome to contact with us anytime.



Post time: Oct-14-2021

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