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Welcome to follow our social media. In addition to uploading and posting the latest news about our company and products, we will also hold various gifting activities from time to time. Meanwhile, we are also very happy to interact with you on those online platform and hear your feedback on our products and services.

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If you have not registered for all of the above social media at the same time, you can simply refer to the main publishing trends of each of our social media platforms. You can choose our products and service information that best suits you to get the corresponding attention.

On Facebook, we will publish the most comprehensive content and news about our company’s development trends, product information, product services, customer feedback, product feedback, and holiday promotions.

On Instagram, we will share product pictures or videos that our customers feedback to us. At the same time, we will also share product pictures and videos taken by ourselves from time to time. If you are our brand distributor, and you need our real-time product pictures. You are welcome to download pictures and material content on it at any time if you want to advertise and promote it dynamically. At the same time, if you want to update the original pictures and videos, you can also contact our sales colleagues at any time, and we will send you the original pictures and videos you need as soon as possible.

We mainly upload videos about our products on Youtube. that you can find a complete set of feedback videos about the product installation, testing, riding and some professional product testing feedback from other professional reviewer.that give you an intuitive display of the actual performance of our products and the specific application of the practical process.

Linkdin and Twitter will also release company development and product and service related dynamics. If you have a related account, you are also welcome to follow our corporate account.

Post time: Jun-28-2021

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