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Mankeel Steed

German safety standard design & produce


Peak Power


Range Per Charge


 Max Load


Max Gradeability

All steps from design to production, raw materials and testing are all proceed in strict accordance with German safety standards to escort your safe riding.

With 10.4ah, 36V battery capacity, combined with lightweight body, the battery life is far beyond expectation, the newest actual test data is that the load is 75kg, and the controller 17A limits the current. continue to drive at a speed of 21km/h on a flat road and the longest range can reach 42KM!

8.5 inch solid tire

Mankeel Steed uses the new high-elastic rubber tires,
which is more wear-resistant, that does not require
inflation and has no risk of puncture.
And the rubber pattern on the tire surface has undergone
a new scientific design, makes the grip and anti-skid
performance more outstanding.

LED smart display

The operation of various buttons on the front is intuitive and easy.
The instrument panel displays power, gear, speed,
riding time are all be clear at a glance.

Three-speed regulation 15-20-25KM/H
If the road traffic laws and regulations in your area support
electric scooters with a speed exceeding 25KM/H,
You can also unlock the speed by long press the power
button to a maximum speed of 30KM/H.

Classic fast-folding design

Just three steps, one click, one button, storage in one go
The folded scooter is small in size and can be placed in the
trunk of the car or in the corner of the office without taking
up space.

APP intelligent operation

Intelligent dynamic, real-time data detection,
Various applications such as smart e-scooter anti-theft settings via
APP are fully functional and easy to manage.

appico (1)

Vehicle status

appico (2)

Mileage display

appico (3)

Anti-theft settings

appico (5)

Battery status

appico (4)


Front & Rear
dual absorber

Execllent shock absorption perfomance

Part of the E-scooter’s shock absorption effect were served
by the high-elasticity tires, besides that, We have also
equipped with a front wheel shock absorption and two rear
wheel springs. The combination of two high-elastic tires and
dual absorption system springs greatly absorbs the vibration
and impact energy during riding, giving you a very comfortable
riding experience.

Double brake system
Front electronic handbrake&ABS anti-lock safety brake system
Rear wheel fender mechanical foot brake
Guard your convenient and safe riding


Humanized and convenient design

Let you ride worry-free

mankeel-steed (1)

USB charging port

mankeel-steed (2)

Front pole hook

German safety standards Warning Design
(Appearance part)
safe, sturdy and beautiful

Specification Standard version Optional version
Rated Power 350W 350W
Peak Power 450W 450W
Voltage 36V 36V
Battery Capacity 10.4Ah 10.4Ah/7.8Ah
Max Range 45KM 40-45KM
Max Gradeability 15° 15°
Suspension system  front wheel+rear pedal double springs front wheel+rear pedal double springs
Tires 8.5" high elastic rubber solid tires 8.5" high elastic rubber solid tires
Speed Control 15-20-25KM/H                                        Support unlock to 30KM/H 15-20-25KM/H                                        Support unlock to 30KM/H
Brake System  Front & Rear drum brake E-ABS anti-lock system Front & Rear drum brake E-ABS anti-lock system
Max Load 120KG 120KG
Hook Bearing  3-5KG 3-5KG
Waterproof IP54 IP54
Steering lights Standard Optional
Charing Time 4-6Hours 4-6Hours
APP Function Standard Optional
N.W 16KG 16KG
G.W 20.8KG 20.8KG
Full size 1130*460*1160MM 1130*580*1135MM
Folded size 1130*460*320MM 1130*460*320MM
Package size 1180*230*560MM 1180*230*560MM
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