Mankeel new off-road electric scooter are coming soon

We are currently working on develop an off-road electric scooter. The initial product specification we planned is 4000w dual-drive, 25Ah battery, replaceable big capacity battery, and the waterproof rating of the battery control group will continue the specification standard of our Mankeel electric scooter Pioneer model – the IP68. Waterproof level, while retaining our previously fully hidden electric scooter body design, for better anti-damage and anti-theft consider, which combines our past advantages in product development and design, but also extends and innovates more new functions and high-performances of electric scooter products to meet our customers’ needs, for more product details, We will continue to inform you of details and specifications.

We designed this off-road electric scooter as we have specialized in the production of short- and medium-distance electric scooters for many years. More and more customers have proposed their new market needs to us. We responded positively and started investigations. Preparation for R&D, mold opening and testing. Off-road electric scooters and short- and medium-distance electric scooters provide cross-country enthusiasts with more fun ways and transportation options. This vehicle is not only born for off-road purposes, because of its powerful motor and very powerful battery capacity, long-distance endurance can meet most of your short- and medium-distance outing needs, that one  electric scooter can meet your different needs.

We have always been rigorous and meticulous on our R&D work, focusing not only on actual use experience, but also on performance and quality. At present, we are still debugging more product features and design details. We are very confident that this new electric scooter will also be another new electric scooter that is popular on the market. After the electric scooter is officially launched, we will have more surprises for our consumers, so stay tuned for our latest developments and launching information.

Coming soon

Post time: Jun-28-2021

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