Italian cycling magazine Sardabike MTB reviews Mankeel Silver Wings


Recently, Sardabike MTB, an Italian professional electric bicycle magazine, reviewed our new electric scooter Silver Wings. At first, this magazine has always focused on bicycle product articles. Our electric scooter product Silver Wings is very honored to be featured in Sardabike MTB magazine for the first time as a product different from bicycles.

Since we bought the Porsche exterior design of this scooter in 2019, we have started the actual product’s debugging and production accordingly. This electric scooter is extremely lightweight and weighs only 14KG. Which require the selection of raw materials and standards with high standards. We have passed various performance tests of different materials and multiple batches, and finally selected this ultra-light aviation aluminum material. As the material of the scooter body. The material is different from the bulky steel of ordinary electric scooters. Although it is light, it is also very strong and wear-resistant material. Although the whole body is so light, its battery capacity and max range is measured up to 35KM. Therefore, it does not sacrifice other practical performance just to meet the lightweight body performance.

At the same time, another advantage is that we use a 10-inch high-elastic rubber pneumatic tire. At present, many short- and medium-distance electric scooters on the market use 7 to 8.5 inch tires. However, in order to ensure a more comfortable riding experience for the riders, we did not hesitate to spend more cost to select a large 10-inch tire. Large tires have higher grip area and friction than smaller tires, so they are more stable and safer on too small bumps and bumpy roads, and will not cause problems like electric scooters with small tires. More often, the scooter crashes because of the lack of force on the tires, which leads to unsteady riding.

For the display material of the front, we also use the higher cost LCD panel which is liquid crystal display. Unlike the traditional LED digital tube display of the front of most electric scooters equipped, The advantage of LCD compared to LED is that the image of the LCD display panel is softer and not dazzling, its various electronic parameters and icon images will not flicker or be distorted, and there is no electromagnetic radiation. The scooter body is also equipped with a psychedelic atmosphere light, which is more useful for illuminating and alerting passersby during night riding.

So when you first see the distinctive Porsche design appearance of this scooter, kindly don’t think we just want to be different from others. In terms of practicality and safety, we actually focused more energy on it, so that consumers can get a beautiful and practical electric scooter as a short- and medium-distance travel tool, so that every penny you spend is worth and happy.

The following is a detailed product of our Mankeel electric scooter article from Sardabike MTB magazine.

(Reminder: Sardabike MTB is in Italian. If you are not from Italy, you can directly copy all of them to Google Translate to view the full text.)

If you have more questions and inquiries about our Mankeel Silver Wings electric scooter, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to be at your serve anytime.

Post time: Aug-26-2021

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