Alibaba China station salesperson

发布日期:2020-11-25 09:57
Job Responsibilities
1. Introduce products to buyers through online chat tools, facilitate orders, and develop customers.
2. Responsible for the online sales of products, the development of major OEM customers and the maintenance of some old customers, and the reception and accompaniment of some visiting customers developed by themselves.
3. Have a certain amount of communication energy and be able to deal with customer requests in time
4. Cooperate with the team to complete other tasks assigned by the company
5. Work proactive (key requirements), studious, enthusiastic, passionate about work, teamwork, and hardworking. Use the customer resources provided by the boss for customer in-depth mining and development
6. Careful, patient, responsible, proficient in using Alibaba, like to chat with customers, and take the trouble
7. Love e-commerce sales
1. Be self-motivated, work proactive, and obey the arrangement of the team leader
2. Familiar with common office software and master certain working methods
3. Have a keen business sense, strong adaptability, oral expression and communication skills
4. Have a strong ability to maintain and coordinate customers, and be familiar with customer service processes
5. Possess strong learning ability, can quickly master professional knowledge and carry out work in time
6. Strong communication skills, business development, familiar with the background operation of Ali Chengxintong is preferred
Salary: basic salary + high commission.
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