SEO Specialist

发布日期:2020-11-25 09:55
1. Responsible for planning the SEO structure of the website, optimizing various functions and services of the website, thinking about results, being result-oriented, increasing the traffic of the website through search engines, and completing the company's various KPI indicators, including the ranking of the website in the search engine, KPI indicators such as UV traffic, customer conversion volume, and website inclusion volume;
2. Responsible for the daily information collection, video editing and promotion of the company's official media platform;
3. Responsible for the planning and daily update and tracking maintenance of the company's media matrix promotion content, and compile media platform promotional materials and related product materials;
4. Understand the principles of search engine optimization SEO/SEM, and formulate optimization strategies based on the principles and characteristics, ranking rules and laws of major search engines such as Baidu, 360, Sogou, and Google;
5. Cooperate with department heads to be responsible for the data analysis and sorting of the company's official website (user demand analysis, website architecture design, website optimization and promotion, traffic analysis, etc.), and establish a company brand communication database.

2. Job requirements:
1. College degree, more than 1 year experience in seo optimization;
2. Good at keyword layout and long-tail word traffic acquisition;
3. There are ideas and practical cases of external chain construction;
4. Familiar with Alibaba/Google search engine rules and optimization strategies;
5. Those who are good at white hat and black hat SEO optimization techniques are preferred.
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