HR Specialist/HR Supervisor/HR Manager

发布日期:2020-11-25 09:51
Responsibilities of Personnel Supervisor:
1. Assist superiors to establish and improve the company's human resource system construction such as recruitment, training, and performance appraisal;
2. Implement the operational procedures of various practical human resources management and the implementation of various rules and regulations, and cooperate with other business departments;
3. Cooperate to carry out induction training and business training for new employees, implement training plans, and track and feedback on training effects;
4. Help establish employee relationships, coordinate the relationship between employees and management, and organize employee activities;
5. According to the company's requirements for performance management, formulate evaluation policies, organize and implement performance management, and supervise and control the performance evaluation process of various departments, solve problems in a timely manner, so that the performance evaluation system can be implemented, and performance will be continuously improved Management system
6. Complete other tasks assigned by department leaders.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in human resources, management or related majors;
2. More than 1 year of work experience in human resource management, familiar with the six areas of human resource management;
3. Familiar with the company's salary system, employment mechanism, insurance benefits and training policies;
4. Good coordination, communication and work motivation, strong learning ability;
5. Proficiency in using office software and related personnel management software
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