Ali International Station Operation

发布日期:2020-11-25 09:40
Job demand :
1. Release of product information on the Alibaba platform, including entry of basic product information, product image editing, SEO keyword optimization, etc.
2. Responsible for daily monitoring and weekly analysis of Ali operating data and advertising: advertising costs, exposure, clicks, keyword data, etc., and continuously optimize the ranking of stores and products.
3. Responsible for Alibaba website promotion, participating in platform activities, using marketing tools in the system for promotion, and continuously improving click-through rate, conversion rate, and increasing the overall number of inquiries.
4. Responsible for the planning and execution of Alibaba activities, guiding the artists to implement the activities and monitoring the effect of the activities, and continue to optimize.
5. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors. 

job requirements:
1. Familiar with the operation process of Alibaba International Station and various promotion methods in the station.
2. English proficiency reaches CET4, able to read and edit English copy fluently.
3. More than 1 year working experience in Alibaba operation
4. Strong learning ability, quickly familiar with the company's beauty products, clear and persevering.
5. Good independent work and teamwork ability.

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