Foreign trade clerk

发布日期:2020-11-23 18:26
Skill requirements:
Foreign trade sales, Alibaba platform, CET4, google, facebook, import and export business

Job Responsibilities :
1. Use the online platform to develop overseas markets, seek to track overseas customers, sort out and respond to inquiries, and do a good job of follow-up work, and cooperate with overseas companies to develop business;
2. Keep abreast of market information in a timely manner, maintain the company's website and network platform back-end data, and release new products;
3. Maintain good communication with customers, maintain good relationships with old customers, and be responsible for the promotion and sales of products in foreign markets;
4. Grasp customer needs, take the initiative to develop, and complete the task instructions issued by the superior;
5. Collect business information, grasp market trends, and report market conditions to leaders in a timely manner;
6. Actively communicate and coordinate with the production department to ensure that the goods are exported on time;
7. Other tasks assigned by superiors.

job requirements:
1. College degree or above, international trade, business English and other related majors, more than one year of foreign trade work experience, under the age of 30;
2. Excellent English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, able to write business English letters quickly and proficiently; good oral English, able to independently receive foreign customers;
3. Familiar with foreign trade process, familiar with the overall process from customer development to final delivery tax refund, and can accurately follow up the work of each node to ensure order delivery and quality;
4. Familiar with Alibaba Baba operations, able to handle customer inquiries independently, and independently responsible for the operation of Alibaba International Station is preferred;
5. Good learning ability, proactive work attitude, high execution ability, strong resistance to pressure, the most important thing is to have the courage to challenge oneself, challenge high salary, and have a strong desire for success and high salary.

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