12 precautions for sharing electric scooter

发布日期:2017-05-22 18:55
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Sharing electric scooters has been a huge success in Europe and the United States. With more and more people using them, accidents are also on the rise. On September 24th, the US reported the first death of sharing electric scooter that a 20-year-old man was hit while riding a Lime electric scooter. In Oakland, the government said it had received a series of claims related to the sharing electric scooters, including not a few severely injured accidents.

So many injuries are a reminder that sharing electric scooters is good, but it also requires a sense of safety.Therefore, it is best to pay attention to the following points when using sharing electric scooter:

1. Check whether the body of the car is loose, whether the wheels are intact and whether screws are missing before use;

2. Although it is not required by law to wear a helmet when using Sharing electric scooter, for your own safety, please wear a helmet; wear the wrist protector, knee protector and other safety devices if possible;

3. It is better not to ride electric scooter for minors under 15 years old and for seniors over 60 years old. Minors should not use an electric scooter without the company of adults;

4. When using electric scooter for the first time, please make sure to use low-speed mode to practice in the empty place with few people before riding on the road;

5. It is strongly recommended to put one foot on the pedal first, slide by other foot for a few times, then stand on the pedal with two feet, and then slowly press the acceleration button to keep the smooth running;

6. In the process of riding, you must master the balance of your body. Do not brake at high speed, so as to avoid flying out by inertia and causing harm to yourself or others;

7. Sharing electric scooter should be used in good pavements, and avoid the bumpy roads, slippery road surface and the road of slope more than 15 °;

8. Please keep in mind that sharing electric scooter is very quiet when riding, so please give enough time and distance to avoid obstacles and other people when riding.

9. When turning, please use brake properly to slow down;

10. Poor vision at night, please turn on the headlights and taillights;

11. Do not wear headsets or use mobile phones when riding a Sharing electric scooter;

12. People who are still under the influence of drugs or alcohol and whose mobility and reaction ability are limited are prohibited from riding sharing electric scooters.

Sharing electric scooter is convenient for our daily life, so we should pay more attention to our travel safety, so as to give full play to its people-friendly nature.

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